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Which is More Secure, Smart Lock or Home Lock?

Apr. 15, 2021

As a Hotel Door Lock Systems Supplier, share with you. Before smart locks entered the family, we realized through the hotel that there are locks that can be opened without a key. At that time, although we were surprised by the power of technology, we also felt that the way it was used was different from traditional locks. A guilty conscience, with the popularity of smart homes, more and more people are accepting smart locks. So which one is safer, smart lock or home lock? Today I will analyze with you to see who is safer.

Fingerprint Digital Door Lock

Fingerprint Digital Door Lock

Some friends around me think that hotel locks and home smart locks are the same without knowing smart locks, and some even think that smart locks are safer than home locks. So what is it actually like? It is a smart lock. What is the difference between a smart lock and a home lock?

Hotel locks, as the name suggests, are used in hotel rooms. The characteristics of hotel rooms are that the users are very mobile, so the key holders will be constantly changed. For better management, the opening method of the hotel lock must be single and easy to replace. , So most hotel locks use card locks.

The card lock technology has been very mature, and the issuance and management of the card can be effectively solved through the door lock management system. The door lock management system is composed of a computer, a smart card reader, and management software. It is responsible for the issuance of IC cards for various functions, hotel guest room management, guest information management, and above information query statistics. It can be seen that the use requirements of hotel locks are easy to manage and easy to operate.

While the household lock is used in the family, for the family, the members of the use are very stable, so the convenience of operation is very high. Therefore, the door opening methods of household locks are generally all-in-one, such as password, fingerprint, remote control, card swiping, and mechanical key unlocking. Regarding the types of locks, most families prefer fingerprint locks, because fingerprints are stable, unique, and difficult to copy, so fingerprint unlocking is by far a safer and more convenient way to open the door.

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