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How to Use the Fingerprint Lock Correctly?

Mar. 29, 2021

As a Smart Touch Switch Supplier, share it with you. Nowadays, more and more people will choose fingerprint locks when installing new door locks or changing door locks. From the beginning, it was used by some wealthy people as high-end home door locks. With the advancement of science and technology and the popularity of fingerprint locks , The competition in the fingerprint lock market is becoming more and more fierce, and now fingerprint locks have been gradually used by ordinary families.

Fingerprint Digital Door Lock

Fingerprint Digital Door Lock

Fingerprint locks are different from traditional mechanical locks. It is a high-tech product and a model for the application of biometric technology. But the fingerprint lock is a kind of consumer goods, a kind of electronic consumer goods, so it also has the usage specification, otherwise, it will be prone to various problems, and even damage the fingerprint lock. Therefore, in the process of using the fingerprint lock, you must pay attention to some main items:

1. Avoid unprofessional disassembly

The fingerprint lock is a high-tech electronic product. The structure inside is more complicated. If you are not sure about the structure inside, please don't disassemble it without authorization. If you are really at a loss, you can read the instruction manual first, or you can consult the manufacturer.

2. Reduce direct contact with water

Any kind of electronic product has this big taboo. For example, a mobile phone will generally be scrapped if water enters it. If the mobile phone is not waterproof. Then the fingerprint lock is no exception. There will be electronic components or circuit boards in electronic products. These originals must be waterproof. For example, if the circuit board comes into contact with water, it will be scrapped, and it can only be removed and re-purchased with the manufacturer. A circuit board is installed.

3. Use of battery

Under normal use of the battery, it can generally be used for one year. After the battery life is exhausted, the battery needs to be replaced again. When changing the battery, pay attention to the uniformity of the battery model, so that all the batteries are of the same brand, and the correct connection and placement of the batteries must be paid attention to. After the built-in battery is used up, if the lock cannot be opened, an external power supply can be used. Generally, the fingerprint lock will be equipped with an external power interface for emergency needs.

4. Use of instructions

Before using the fingerprint lock, the user should have a detailed understanding of the fingerprint lock manual, including the installation of the fingerprint lock, the installation of the fingerprint lock, and some commonly used function settings, etc., so that they can have a better comprehensive understanding of the fingerprint lock.

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