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What are the Trends in the Development of the Electronic Lock Industry?

Apr. 27, 2021

The electronic lock industry has been developed in full, and what are your development trends? Let RFID Hotel Door Lock Supplier explain it.

RFID Hotel Door Lock

RFID Hotel Door Lock

1. Industrial height concentration

After the first two years of market layout and joining across industry giants, the advantages of each brand will become more and more obvious. Many electronic lock brands will take advantage of their resources, markets, funds, and talents, and share a large number of market share. Market and siege are based on the current development trend of the market.

2, the trend of entering the Internet is irreversible

The fingerprint lock industry is stronger. Many four-in-one and five-in-one fingerprint locks are stolen. If you don't fight for breakthrough, you will be a time problem in the price war. With the rapid development of the Internet, the trend of fingerprint lock upgrades to smart locks is irreversible. Internet-based electronic lock products can be managed remotely. With immediate opening information push, low-power reminder push, anti-mite alarm, anti-alarm and other functions. Home smart door locks are nowhere in security status, which greatly improves the security and practical experience of smart door locks.

3. Offline channel determines whether the brand can be in the market

With the rapid development of "new retail", the online experience of all walks of life is increasingly obvious. However, in this online shopping era, the smart lock has become a clear trend. The focus of brand competition is not in existing technical capabilities and production capacity, but how to seize the current market opportunities, how to stand out in the future competition. From another perspective, the competitive focus of fingerprint lock is not only the product, but also in channel expansion. The marketing of smart locks is different from other industries. It relies more to establish a basic service system and exhibition experience system. To solve the service problem such as the terminal experience, after-sales installation, it is also required to cooperate with the offline channel dealer. Offline channels have become an important indicator that can be based on the market.

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