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The First Step Towards a Smart Life is to Switch to a Smart Lock

Jun. 30, 2021

As a Hotel Door Lock Systems Supplier, share with you.

Some people will say that smart locks make life more convenient; some will say that smart locks make homes safer; and some people will say that smart locks make life easier. But in the final analysis, there is only one answer. Smart locks make the door no longer a cold steel plate, but the only way to a better life.

Hotel Fingerprint Door Lock

Hotel Fingerprint Door Lock

Nowadays, with the application and development of smart locks, fully automatic smart locks have settled in thousands of households, and they have become the "sweet rice cakes" in everyone's eyes. Smart home products are slowly infiltrating our lives. While people are enjoying the convenience brought by technology, many people still lack sufficient knowledge of fully automatic smart locks.

Fully automatic smart lock, in simple terms, is a door lock product that can be opened or closed by itself after passing electronic identification, automatically locks, and closes when you go.

For products such as "automatic", because of its portability, time-saving and labor-saving factors, it is always full of appeal to consumers. From the perspective of people's perception, the appearance and price of a product are the easiest to perceive, and it is easier to impress customers.

The most common smart lock on the market, after opening the door to verify the fingerprint or identification password, you still need to press the handle to open it. It has not truly been "fully automated". In contrast, fully automatic smart locks are obviously much more convenient. First of all, in the opening steps, ordinary smart locks need to go through "fingerprint (password) recognition-press the handle-open the door-close the door", while the fully automatic smart lock only needs to go through "fingerprint (password) recognition-open the door-close the door" "Some of them can even close automatically.

The fully automatic smart lock is locked directly after the door is opened. When the door lock senses the closed state, the bolt will pop out slightly and automatically lock and close the door, saving time for opening the door. Secondly, the lock body adopted by the fully automatic lock is also fully automatic. Security is the basic function of the door lock. The advantage of using a fully automatic lock body is that after the user has identified fingerprints and passwords when opening the door, there is no need for too much operation. The door lock will automatically retract the bolt and automatically immediately after opening the door.

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