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How to Deal With These Common Problems of Smart Locks in Summer?

Jul. 14, 2021

It has entered the mode of early summer. Although it is not very hot, it has changed into short sleeves and started the mode of ice cream and watermelon. Smart locks are also more sensitive to changes in ambient temperature, and the following four problems are prone to appear after the summer. As long as we know in advance, we can solve the problem. As an RFID Hotel Door Lock Supplier, share with you.

RFID Hotel Door Lock System

RFID Hotel Door Lock System

Battery leakage

Fully automatic smart locks use lithium batteries that can be recharged repeatedly, and there is no problem with battery leakage. Semi-automatic smart locks use dry batteries. Due to the weather, the battery may leak.

After the battery leaks, it may corrode the battery box or the circuit board, causing the door lock to consume fast power or have no response. In order to avoid this situation, you should check the battery usage after the summer. If you find that the battery becomes soft or has viscous liquid on the surface, you should immediately replace it with a new battery.

Fingerprint recognition is difficult

In the summer, sweaty hands or sweet things such as watermelon can easily stain the fingerprint head, which affects the efficiency of fingerprint recognition, and often it is impossible to recognize or difficult to recognize.

Wipe clean the fingerprint recognition area with a slightly moistened towel, which can basically solve this problem. If the fingerprint recognition area is clean and has no scratches, it is still not easy to recognize, it is recommended to re-enter the fingerprint. This may be due to identification problems caused by temperature changes. Because when each fingerprint is entered, the corresponding temperature at that time is recorded. Temperature is an identification factor, and when the temperature difference is too large, it will also affect the identification efficiency.

Input error, the door lock is locked

Generally speaking, door locks are triggered after 5 input errors. However, some users reported that after trying two or three times clearly, they prompted an input error and the door lock was locked.

In such a situation, we must keep an eye on it. It may be that someone has tried to unlock the door of your house while you are away.

For example, after someone tried three times, the password was wrong and the door could not be opened. At this time, you don't know, and then, when you go home, you make two mistakes, and the door lock will naturally trigger the lock command after 5 mistakes.

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