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Is it Safe to Install Smart Locks?

Jan. 29, 2021

As a Smart Hotel Lock System Supplier, share with you.

Presumably many people doubt the security of smart locks. Using smart locks, you can open the door only by entering your fingerprint or password, which brings us a lot of convenience. Is the fingerprint unlocking of the smart lock really safe? The answer to this question is yes.

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Hotel Key Card Door Lock

Is the fingerprint unlocking of the smart lock really safe?

The fingerprint lock is to add the fingerprint unlocking function to the original mechanical lock technology. The main technology of fingerprint unlocking is to store the user's fingerprint information first. When the user authenticates with the fingerprint, the fingerprint identification system will compare the user's fingerprint with the stored fingerprint In contrast, if the verified fingerprint matches the pre-stored fingerprint, the door lock will open, if it does not match, an error will be prompted and the door lock cannot be opened.

The fingerprint lock is to know the owner and unlock by the method of whether the fingerprint matches, so identifying the true or false of the fingerprint has become an important technical indicator of the fingerprint lock. The probes that are widely used in the market to identify fingerprints can be divided into two categories, one is an optical fingerprint head, and the other is a semiconductor fingerprint head.

The fingerprint lock is an upgrade from a mechanical lock. Its main purpose is to improve the convenience of our lives while ensuring the safety of property. Compared with mechanical locks, fingerprint locks are one level higher, and criminals want to fake the owner. The fake fingerprints are hundreds of times more difficult than picking a lock.

In general, using fingerprint locks is safer, more convenient and more comfortable than using mechanical locks. You can use it with confidence.

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