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What are the Development Trends of the Electronic Lock Industry?

Jan. 15, 2021

The electronic lock industry has been developing in full swing in recent years. Do you know what its development trends are? Let Smart Touch Switch Manufacturer explains it to you.

Mifare Card Door Lock

Mifare Card Door Lock

1. Highly concentrated industry

After the first two years of market layout and the joining of cross-industry giants, the advantages of each brand will become more and more obvious. Many electronic lock brands will take advantage of their own resources, market, capital, and talents to occupy a large market share. The market and siege are carried out according to the current market development trend.

2. The trend of entering the Internet is irreversible

The fingerprint lock industry is highly homogenized. Many four-in-one and five-in-one fingerprint locks were stolen. If you don't fight for a breakthrough, then winning in the price war will be a matter of time. With the rapid development of the Internet, the trend of upgrading fingerprint locks to smart locks is irreversible. Internet-based electronic lock products can be managed remotely. It has the functions of real-time door opening information push, low battery reminder push, anti-pry alarm, anti-duress alarm and so on. The ubiquitous security status of home smart door locks has greatly improved the safety and practical experience of smart door locks.

3. Offline channels determine whether the brand can gain a foothold in the market

With the rapid development of "new retail", the integration of offline experience and online purchase in various industries has become more and more obvious. However, in this era of online shopping, smart locks have become a clear trend. The focus of brand competition is not the existing technical and production capabilities, but how to seize the current market opportunities and how to stand out in the future competition. From another perspective, the focus of competition for fingerprint locks lies not only in products, but also in channel expansion. The marketing of smart locks is different from other industries. It is more dependent on the establishment of a basic service system and display experience system. To solve service problems such as terminal experience and after-sales installation, the cooperation of offline channel dealers is also needed. Offline channels have become an important indicator of whether a brand can gain a foothold in the market.

4. A professional team will appear in the market service

Due to the insufficient coverage of the brand's offline channels, it is also difficult to fully cover, so there will be a professional third-party after-sales installation platform, similar to the express industry, specializing in helping merchants serve end customers. As the market scale further expands, Consumer demand is becoming higher and higher, and more professional service teams will appear in the fingerprint lock market. In fact, in the fingerprint lock market in the past two years, you should also see many electronic lock installation and after-sales platforms have appeared. It still complies with the development rules of the industry.

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