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How to Extend the Service Life of Smart Locks?

Oct. 30, 2020

As a Hotel Access Control System Supplier, share with you.

We cannot deny the advantages of smart door locks in terms of safety and convenience, but there are also many consumers who complain that the quality of smart locks are not good after a period of use, and the product life seems to be shorter than what the business advertises.

This is because smart door locks also require maintenance. Smart door locks are durable consumer goods. Even a very good smart lock still requires necessary maintenance measures during use. So how to properly maintain smart locks? Let the editor of Wan Weite explain it to you.

Fingerprint Digital Door Lock

Fingerprint Digital Door Lock

1. Check your own smart lock every six months or a year. Regularly check whether the key transmission parts such as the smart door lock fixing screws and door lock handles are loose. If the door is loose, it needs to be tightened so as not to affect the normal opening of the door lock.

2. The outer surface of the smart lock must not be covered with corrosive chemicals and liquids. Do not stick things, so as not to damage the protective layer on the surface of the smart door lock, which will not only affect the appearance, but also make the internal materials easily oxidized.

3. The smart lock has been used for a long time, and the surface of the door lock should be kept clean and dry. If there are stains, wipe with a clean soft towel and paper towel. Do not wipe the surface of the door lock with hard or corrosive objects.

4. In daily use, one of the most commonly used parts for opening and closing doors is the door handle. Its flexibility directly affects the use of the door lock, so please do not hang heavy objects on the door handle, so as not to affect the balance of the door handle.

5. Low-voltage alarm of the door lock, immediately replace a new battery. Smart door locks used in low-voltage environments for a long time are likely to cause system instability.

6. When buying batteries, choose door lock batteries with good quality and no leakage. As smart door locks need to deal with complex environments, such as high temperature in summer, severe cold in winter, and rainy season, it is particularly important that the battery is too hard and the liquid cannot leak. If the battery box (storage cabinet) has battery leakage, it may damage the internal structure of the lock body and electronic equipment. Causing the door lock to be completely damaged.

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