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How to Choose a Smart Lock Brand for Novices?

Sep. 30, 2020

In recent years, the fingerprint lock retail market has officially exploded, and China's fingerprint lock industry has entered a stage of rapid development. The market size of tens of millions has attracted a large number of businessmen and entrepreneurs to join. The number of fingerprint lock brands has also increased from more than 1,000 to more than 1,700. The growth rate has sprung up like mushrooms after a rain, and many newcomers who want to join the fingerprint lock industry are a little confused. I don’t know where to start to learn about high-quality fingerprint lock brands. Below, Hotel Door Lock Supplier will share with you how newbies choose smart lock brands to join.

Hotel Door Lock

Hotel Door Lock

1. R&D capabilities

Research and development capabilities largely represent the competitiveness of products. For brands that lack R&D and innovation capabilities, it is difficult to ensure the competitiveness of their products. When choosing a brand, you need to know whether the brand has a research and development team and how many people are there? There are at least four research and development, and generally more than four research and development brands are good. Zhenshu Intelligent has 13 models with strong technical force. It is a relatively good fingerprint lock brand in the industry.

2. Franchise policy

A good franchise policy can reduce your own burden. Many brands need to charge franchise fees and sell a large number of products. The company's products and advantages are very good. In fact, they want to make money from a broker. There are no franchise fees for only good brands. The threshold for joining is very low. There are various subsidies, or decoration subsidies, promotion subsidies, etc., but please also remember that joining a low threshold does not mean that the brand is good. The prerequisites for a good brand also require certain research capabilities.

3. Product quality

Product quality is the life of the brand and the life of the agent. Due to the popularity and high profits of the fingerprint lock industry, many manufacturers have produced many inferior products and started a price war. If you choose one, because the product you see is a cheap quality fingerprint lock agent, then you are waiting to be harassed by customers every day. The money you make is not enough to buy after-sales service. At the same time, you will have no credit. Therefore, when investigating fingerprint lock brands, we must pay attention to whether the smart lock brand has a complete production management system and complete door lock detection equipment?

4. Product scalability

The smart lock has a single function. Although its safety and convenience have been recognized by everyone, the competition pressure in the industry is still great. Obviously, relying on fingerprint locks to support stores is much more difficult. The scalability of the product can meet the needs of different customers, increase sales channels, and expand profit sources.

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