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What are the Misunderstandings When Buying a Smart Lock?

Feb. 26, 2021

More and more people are willing to use smart locks because it allows them to leave the house without a key, and it will not be so nervous if the key is lost. With the use of smart door locks in the market, its product types are becoming more and more abundant, so what is the misunderstanding of buying smart door locks? As an RFID Hotel Door Lock Supplier, I would like to share with you.

Hotel Door Lock

Hotel Door Lock

1. The more features the better

In order to allow consumers to recognize their products, many businesses will add many functions to the smart lock to make consumers feel that they are buying a cost-effective product. In terms of door opening methods, the commonly used door opening methods for smart door locks include fingerprints, passwords, cards, and mechanical keys. Of course, some smart door locks also have iris, face recognition, mobile phone remote control, APP and other door opening methods, and even some smart door locks can also be opened with a bus card.

Although these door opening methods have brought us a lot of convenience, the development of some technologies is not very mature, the relative security is not very high, and it is easy to be destroyed by criminals. Choosing a smart door lock cannot be based on the number of functions. Security is the core element of a smart door lock. More functions means more failures and unstable performance.

2. The more affordable the price, the better

There are countless brands of smart locks on the market, and the price range is also very large, ranging from four to five hundred yuan to eight or nine thousand yuan. Many consumers also question the price of smart door locks. This product can also be used. However, many cheap smart door locks don't have a guarantee system, and they don't look bad, but they are basically superficial, and things inside are worse. Once there is a problem, the after-sales service can't keep up. If the manufacturer fails, it is likely that no one will be able to find it, and the risk is high. Smart door locks are not fast-moving consumer goods. They will be used for 10 years, 20 years, or even longer. Guaranteed manufacturers also guarantee the future.

3. Too much attention to product appearance

Door locks also have the function of home decoration. Although appearance is very important, it is a pity to give up safety considerations for appearance. In the case of serious homogeneity of smart locks, some manufacturers hope that the investment in appearance is like the choice of people. The choice of door lock depends on appearance and quality. It makes up for the mediocre function, but reduces the investment in the performance and quality of the product itself.

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