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What are the Main Factors for Consumers to Choose Smart Locks?

Nov. 30, 2020

Know yourself and the other party. If you want to open the market, the sales staff of smart locks need to know consumers' buying habits very well. Let Hotel Card Key Switch Manufacturers give you an introduction.

1. Appearance

Appearance is an important factor in attracting consumers to buy smart locks. In this Internet age, online shopping has gradually formed a three-second shopping habit. If the appearance of the product cannot attract consumers within 3 seconds, the subsequent sales process will become more difficult, accounting for 34.2% of consumers choosing fingerprint locks.

RFID Hotel Door Lock

RFID Hotel Door Lock

2. Features

Although the problem of industry homogeneity is serious, the functions of smart fingerprint locks are basically the same, but there are gaps in the stability, scalability and security of the functions. When purchasing a smart fingerprint lock, you should pay attention to understanding that the smart fingerprint lock uses a semiconductor fingerprint head (life). The semiconductor fingerprint head has the characteristics of fast recognition speed, strong recognition ability, high fake fingerprint ability, non-copyability and uniqueness, etc., 

3. Price

In order to meet consumer demand for appearance and function, after shopping around, price will be one of the important factors that prompt consumers to make choices. Choose cost-effective brands, combine on-site sales, and appropriately give certain discounts to make the sales process smoother. This item accounts for 20.3% of consumer fingerprint locks.

4. Brand

Smart locks belong to the emerging industry. As a new product of the Internet of Things, many consumers have a vague understanding of smart fingerprint locks. Therefore, in the eyes of consumers, a strong brand is equal to the guarantee of product quality. 12.9% is the main factor for fingerprint lock.

5. Service

Smart locks have the particularity of ensuring family safety and are also new products. Before shopping, during use, and after use, you may encounter some problems, what services the company can provide to become consumers.

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